I've been holding off an official announcement about our Heart Beat EP until I had all the pieces in place, but an exciting development has made me move things up a couple of days. Yesterday we finished mixing and mastering Can You?, which is going to be the first track you'll hear from the EP. I sent it to a couple of DJs, and uploaded it to BBC Introducing, expecting to hear back in a few weeks... but then I got an email last night telling me that BBC Sussex are going to play it tonight!

BBC Music Introducing: The South will be live on air from 7-9pm tonight, you can listen live on 104.5FM, or online through the iPlayer, or DAB. Here's a link to listen after the show's finished, in case you can't tune in while it's happening! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p072v3qw

Heart Beat EP
is the first fully independent release from Fragile Creatures, it's going to come out on May 3rd, but will be available for pre-order from April 5th, with 'Can You?' immediately downloadable using the iTunes 'instant gratification' thingamajig! Not only are we releasing this ourselves, we also recorded it. When our album came out, three years ago now, I was frustrated by how long everything took - so James and I bought various bits of recording equipment and, using all the information we could find from YouTube, and things I'd picked up looking over the engineer's shoulders in all our recording sessions, we figured out how to do it ourselves.

It's so exciting that a song we recorded from scratch will be played on BBC Radio... and it's amazing that is happening just 24 hours after the mix was finalised! It would mean the world to me if you could listen in tonight and text/tweet the show to let them know you're there. And also please get back to us afterwards, and let us what you thought of the song and the sound of it. Have we managed to pull this off? Only time will tell. 

Thanks so much for listening!

2019-03-27 15:25:39

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