So Heart Beat EP has now been out for three weeks. We released a music video for 'Falling' two days ago and, despite getting a slightly slower start than the 'Can You?' video it really starts to be gaining some traction now.

It has been my plan for a while now to make a music video for each track. I've been location scouting for the 'Little Man' this week, and we've got a cool idea for 'Heartstrings', involving puppets, which I've still got to make! As the first track on the collection I think it works quite well to have it as the last video, although I realise we're working completely against convention by even bothering to do four videos for an EP release: that's kinda the point!!

We had our last rehearsal session for a while earlier this week as James has gone off on an epic four week holiday, lucky bugger! We won't be sitting idly though. I have almost four weeks to the day to write my dissertation (if you didn't know I am studying the Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise MA course at WaterBear in Brighton). Also we've got another ten songs to release, which we've recorded most of the parts for! So we'll be taking our usual sessions and using them to record vocals, backing vocals, and little over-dubs. As well as recording some demos for some new songs, I expect, as there are 5-6 sketches of songs we've been trying out that need their arrangements finnesing. I suppose I just wanted to say all of that as an affirmation that we're not planning on slowing down with the output any time soon!

We've had some nice little blog write-ups, and ended up added to probably more Spotify playlists than we deserve already. Starting out with this EP my primary goal was to grow the followers and subscribers on Spotify and YouTube. I think these platforms, while they are not ideal in terms of their royalty payment structure, are actual the best places to find and follow new music nowadays, especially if you don't have mainstream tastes. At the same time as trying to grow our presence on them I am trying to engage with them uncynically as a music fan. Anyway, this is straying into TL;DR territory so I'll leave it there. Bye!

AK 2019-05-23 12:00:17

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