It has been nearly 2 years since my last Blog entry. Pretty poor form, considering we did A LOT of stuff in the last couple of years. Especially as we released a second album PUNK YACHT during the global plague year of 2020! 

I'm not going to make wild promises, but I will try to post some more blogs from now on, as I'm starting to work with Jonski to get the site back up-to-date and fully functional, and try to get the band back into the rehearsal room and stuck in to working on album 3 - I've written quite a lot of it, actually, but it's a long way from being recorded - especially as the band have not actually been in a room together since we shot this:

That's a live session from our little studio we shot for the Live From Lonely Town livestream festival last October. Was a blast, hopefully we can do more live session style videos now that there's a timetable for life getting back to normal post-pandemic. 

If you're reading this I hope you're safe and well! 

Adam Kidd x

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